About Me

I’m a Bangladeshi|Pakistani born in Dubai. I spent four years in Dubai, five years in Dhaka & ten years in Islamabad. In 2002, I came to the US to attend the University of Virginia, moved to Washington, DC where I spent about seven years. I now reside in Brooklyn, NY with my future wife and our French Bulldog.

I’ve been fortunate to be student of investing since 2008, at the height of the financial crisis. I’ve invested in public equities, venture and private credit.

In 2016, I co-founded Mark 2 Capital (Mk2C), a $100M+ alternative credit fund, investing in new financial technology companies.

I originally moved to NYC to be a songwriter, but found my fit as an investor. I’m now shifting my attention towards education. I’m super passionate about providing transparent, simplified education to everyone. There’s a lot of noise out there and a ton of BS, and we need to cut through it!