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We invest in private offerings for both income and long term growth opportunities. We focus on alternative debt and early stage equity.

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As an asset manager for a family fund and tech entrepreneur, a lot of folks come up to me asking for advice about where to invest. This course is built to start you off on that journey: to help identify and make sense of the new opportunities and platforms that are dramatically changing the way investing is done.

I believe that everyone should understand how to invest their own money and understand the risks in doing so. I want to empower you to make your own investment decisions based on what works best for you.

Over 4,000 students have enrolled. Follow me on Medium for educational blog posts.

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Mesh Lakhani

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I’m an investor for our personal family office. I focus on private investments in both early stage equity and alternative debt. When approaching early stage equity I believe in investing alongside the best in breed. We are an LP In seed stage fund, Red Swan VC (Alt School, Mic, Bond Street) and pre seed fund,Notation Capital (Zipdrug, Sawyer). We also coinvest with other investors (Arena VC, Expansion VC) via AngelList. This gives us access to top tier deals in the ecosystem.

Our main focus is alternative credit. We look to provide debt capital into investments that are collateralized, asset backed or use data driven technology to make lending decisions. We’ve provided early debt for VC backed companies like: Bond Street, Inventure, Payjoy & Produce Pay. We’ve been early adopters to platforms like Fundrise & Yield Street.

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People Will Always Tell You No


I’ve got a bit of chip on my shoulder. It comes from people telling me throughout my life that I wouldn’t accomplish things. A lot of times it’s just constructive criticism, which I appreciate, but there’s a difference between “you won’t accomplish that” and “you can accomplish that, but you have to do XYZ first.” The latter is constructive, the former is just negative. Is it good motivation? Yes. Does it affect insecurity in the emotional dynamic of one’s self? That depends on who you ask…those who subconsciously have a “chip on their shoulder” and those who consciously know that they do.

I remember back in 8th grade, my English teacher Mr. H, assigns us to pick our dream college and write about it. This is an English class at the International School of Islamabad…in Pakistan. Ok first of all, we International students, aren’t very well versed on Universities in Middle School; at least I wasn’t. I was thinking mainstream - Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and…Smith (an all girls Liberal Arts College that my eldest sister and cousin went to). I pick Yale…what do I know, I’m in Middle School, I might as well set my goal high, right?

We all jot something down and stand in line to present Mr. H with our “dream” college. I show him mine. He stares at it with the expression of someone looking at a parking ticket, and says, “What is this?”

“That’s the school I want to go to.” He looks at me sternly and replies “do you think just because your parents have money, that you’ll go to a good University.”

Let’s pause here for a second. The International (American) School in Pakistan is like Private School in the United States, so one could assume that my family has money.

“Your sisters are stars, what makes you think you can be anything like them?”

First of all, I wasn’t a bad student, nor was I bad a kid, so I’m not sure what he was basing this on. Secondly, what kind of sadistic fuck, asks his students to write about their dream school, only to tell them “they will NEVER accomplish” getting there.

I go home feeling like a total failure. My future had been planned for me. I got home and my mother sees my face. She says, “What happened to you?” I told her what my teacher told me, and she lost it. Mom always has my back. Mom was also on the School Board or PTO, so she was pretty connected with the hierarchy that is Middle School. She called the Superintendent and gave him an earful. “What kind of teachers are you hiring!? How dare he talk to my son that way!”

Great…now I’m really fucked.. I told on my English teacher. An ex football player (probably High School) who is rumored to have an anger problem. The first thing I see walking into my quad the next morning, is the Superintendent walking away from Mr. H in front of his classroom. He calls me over.

“Why were you so upset yesterday? I was merely trying to encourage you.” Total bullshit, but I went with it. He told me to come back with whatever University my heart desired to write about. I wasn’t going to choose Yale again, although I should’ve, just to piss him off. I chose Georgetown, only because I was familiar with the Hoyas.

I was told that I couldn’t accomplish something by my 8th grade English Teacher. Personally, I think the assignment should have been “choose your ‘dream’ college”, and write about how you will accomplish getting there over the next few years. It’s constructive. My sister did that for me. For the record, we both attended the same school, The University of Virginia. Hi five legacy!

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