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We invest in private offerings for both income and long term growth opportunities. We focus on alternative debt and early stage equity.

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As an asset manager for a family fund and tech entrepreneur, a lot of folks come up to me asking for advice about where to invest. This course is built to start you off on that journey: to help identify and make sense of the new opportunities and platforms that are dramatically changing the way investing is done.

I believe that everyone should understand how to invest their own money and understand the risks in doing so. I want to empower you to make your own investment decisions based on what works best for you.

Over 4,000 students have enrolled. Follow me on Medium for educational blog posts.

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Mesh Lakhani

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I’m an investor for our personal family office. I focus on private investments in both early stage equity and alternative debt. When approaching early stage equity I believe in investing alongside the best in breed. We are an LP In seed stage fund, Red Swan VC (Alt School, Mic, Bond Street) and pre seed fund,Notation Capital (Zipdrug, Sawyer). We also coinvest with other investors (Arena VC, Expansion VC) via AngelList. This gives us access to top tier deals in the ecosystem.

Our main focus is alternative credit. We look to provide debt capital into investments that are collateralized, asset backed or use data driven technology to make lending decisions. We’ve provided early debt for VC backed companies like: Bond Street, Inventure, Payjoy & Produce Pay. We’ve been early adopters to platforms like Fundrise & Yield Street.

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Market Review: Don’t Panic, but Stay Informed


Hi All,

It seems like a good time to give share some thoughts on what’s going on today in the markets, both public and private. I won’t go into too much detail of my own thoughts, but rather share with you some posts written by some very smart people. My personal thoughts are that market corrections are expected, both in the private and public market. If you’re properly diversified and allocated, it shouldn’t freak you out. Public markets will be volatile, especially with all the uncertainty out there. Don’t be a hero, understand your risk. You can’t guess market bottoms, nor when “bubbles burst.” Private companies will fold, that’s a give in. We know that 90% of startups fail. The headlines freak us out, but just stay informed from the best commentary out there. I’ll be sharing that going forward.

1) Recent Market Volatility: MADE IN CHINA- Peter D’Agati from Stembrook Management

I run a Family Office, and Peter is our stock manager. This is an awesome explanation of what’shappening in China, Oil and the Fed and how it is impacting the public markets.

2) CWS Market Review: August 24, 2015- Eddy Elfendbein from Crossing Wallstreet

This is one of the best blogs on stocks out there. Eddy explains things so well, and he also includes his free “Buy List” of stocks he is monitoring for his own fund. Not many people do that. Tons of content here. This one in specific explains how crazy the price movements in the market are and reassure us to NOT PANIC.

3) Tech’s Biggest Ideas and How They Take Hold- Marc Andreessen(a16z) & Dan Siroker

Marc is one of the most respected VCs out there. In this interview he discusses why a tech bubble doesn’t scare him and why what we’re seeing is not as bad as it seems. It starts at 26:50 and ends at 34:00.

4) Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing- Mark Suster from Upfront Ventures.

Mark runs a fantastic blog, “Both Sides of the Table.” Here he discusses the connection public markets have on the private markets, specifically when it comes to fundraising and later stage investing. I love reading posts when the two markets are joined together. Here is his follow up post, “The Morning After.”

So there you have it. Read, stay informed and educate yourself. There are a lot of newsletters that focus on the best posts in tech etc out there. My newsletter will specifically be about investment education, linking the public and private markets together.

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