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We invest in private offerings for both income and long term growth opportunities. We focus on alternative debt and early stage equity.

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As an asset manager for a family fund and tech entrepreneur, a lot of folks come up to me asking for advice about where to invest. This course is built to start you off on that journey: to help identify and make sense of the new opportunities and platforms that are dramatically changing the way investing is done.

I believe that everyone should understand how to invest their own money and understand the risks in doing so. I want to empower you to make your own investment decisions based on what works best for you.

Over 4,000 students have enrolled. Follow me on Medium for educational blog posts.

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Mesh Lakhani

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I’m an investor for our personal family office. I focus on private investments in both early stage equity and alternative debt. When approaching early stage equity I believe in investing alongside the best in breed. We are an LP In seed stage fund, Red Swan VC (Alt School, Mic, Bond Street) and pre seed fund,Notation Capital (Zipdrug, Sawyer). We also coinvest with other investors (Arena VC, Expansion VC) via AngelList. This gives us access to top tier deals in the ecosystem.

Our main focus is alternative credit. We look to provide debt capital into investments that are collateralized, asset backed or use data driven technology to make lending decisions. We’ve provided early debt for VC backed companies like: Bond Street, Inventure, Payjoy & Produce Pay. We’ve been early adopters to platforms like Fundrise & Yield Street.

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Investors are Looking Elsewhere for Returns


I waited a bit longer to send out an market review, since I know you were enjoying the last few days of summer! This week we an important event to watch out for. September 17th, the Fed makes a decision whether or not they raise interest rates.

Currently we’re in a VERY low interest environment, which is why investors are looking elsewhere for returns. Even if the Fed raises interest rates this week, we’ll see a very small uptick, maybe .25%. Investors will continue to look in other areas to find yield. However, the recent bull market in stocks, is leaving people worried about exhaustion. Pension Funds have lowered their average (annual) targeted returns to 7%. We might even assume it’s less than that.

So if you can’t find yield in the bond market because interest rates are low, and the stock market is looking a bit exhausted, where do people go? We definitely saw a large inflow of capital into the early & late stage tech equity market. We’re also seeing investors put their money into online marketplaces like Lending Club.

Now we’re seeing investors freaking out about the lack of liquidity in the private markets. This is typical of people making investments in asset classes they aren’t familiar with. As always know your risk, diversify and allocate accordingly. Check out some great posts below.

1) Many Unhappy Returns- The Economist

Good overview of how high valuations of the public market are making investors concerned.

2) Less for the Fed: Higher Interest Rates Haven’t Been Sticking- WSJ

This article explains how important the timing of interest rate increases are, and how they can have a tremendous (positive or negative) impact on the overall economy.

3) What to Ask Before You Reach for Yield- WSJ

I mentioned that investors are looking for yield elsewhere because of the low interest environment. Here, investors are looking to the private lending market. This is a place where we’ve made investments as well. One can receive higher yield (8-12%) for shorter terms (1-3 years). Be careful though.

4) Neu Venture Capital Investor Update- Jerry Neumann

Jerry’s blog, Reaction Wheel, is a must read for Tech/VC commentary. In this post he discusses the current construction of his portfolio.

5) Unicorpse- Brad Feld

Brad’s blog, Feld Thoughts, is also another must read on Tech/VC commentary. He discusses the likelihood of billion dollar companies going to zero or almost zero. Remember, just because your investment on paper looks awesome, it doesn’t mean a thing till the $ hits your bank account.

6) Founder Competition for Series A Deals is Fierce- Danielle Morrill

Lots of Seed stage companies are getting funded, but that doesn’t mean that all of them will receive their Series A. Danielle Morrill breaks down the data.

7) Are Individual Angels Starting to Get Tapped Out- Brad Feld

There’s an increase in the amount of capital in early stage funding. There’s also an increase in the amount of time it takes a company to go public. That means that less money is being recycled in the investment period, and more money is “trapped” in the companies themselves. What’s the result? Brad Feld shares his thoughts.

Hope you guys enjoyed this update.



P.S. Learn more about investing basics, angel investing or hit me up on Twitter: @meshlakhani

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